Here’s our bullet list of strategies to ensure that long-standing customer service relationships never grow old:

  • Keep the customers involved in the product or customer service development process
  • Use customer service to seek customer feedback
  • With every business decision, consider the overall customer service experience
  • Send personal notes to customers on special occasions
  • Share interesting, pertinent information about the industry or related to the product or service
  • Ask customers to participate in the product or service testing process
  • Don’t just focus on acquiring new customers, make sure you’re developing for your existing customers too

Periodically, we are inviting our clients to audit their business to review what we are doing and suggest alternative approaches. Once again, we sometimes uncover pearls and other times turn up nothing at all. But, we always make sure the customer knows we are investing additional time in thinking through creative solutions to his marketing challenges.

These small steps can make the major impact on how customer service is perceived and contribute to an exceptional customer experience.