Our consultants are at your side, every step of the way with guidance and support for growing your business.

Consulting Services
Get expert advice on setting up your business’s social media accounts and choosing the right Facebook apps to attract more fans. Whether you need Twitter knowhow or strategic advice, our Motion experts will help. Motion experts help you navigate integrated social media, search and publicity marketing, and we now offer a team of consultants to ensure your success.
*Services depend on package purchased

Here’s what we can help with:

Social Media
We’ll walk you through getting your social media accounts set up, choosing the right Facebook apps to get more fans, setting up Buying SignalsTM , and building your Twitter following with the Recommendation Engine.

Search Marketing
We’ll help you create effective news releases that tell your story and attract customers on search engines. We can help you choose your keywords, write an effective title and place links throughout your story to get your news a higher search ranking. We’ll help you write them, and then optimize them to get seen by more people.

We can help you connect with the right journalists, build your profile, filter your alerts to get the most relevant publicity opportunities, and create more compelling pitches.

Kick-off Campaigns
We’ll help you identify how to best reach your audience and how to select and set up the right social media tools: Facebook apps, social IDs, Bit.ly accounts and more.

Best Practice Consulting
See what others in your industry are doing and improve upon it. We’ll help you understand the PR landscape and get you into the news.

We’ll help you produce a great news release every time you need to publish one, even if you don’t think you have a story. Our consultants can brainstorm the topic for your next release with you and guide you through every step of writing it. We’ll work with you to identify the right message for your business and target it to the right audience.

Analyzing Results
We’ll help you understand the data, charts and figures on your analytics dashboard, use them to fine-tune your campaigns and measure your results to help you improve next time.