What does a global Hospitality and Travel Marketing (Representation Company) achieve that I cannot?
The international tourism market is complex and very relationship driven. Due to the excellent relationships that we have established over time, we can open doors to key industry contacts that may not even take your phone call or return your emails. We have a highly developed and targeted database, which enables efficient issuing of product updates, mail pieces and press releases. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a strong market fit between your product and the target market, saving both time and money. Most importantly of all – we understand how the broader market works and can ensure that we capitalise on all opportunities for maximum ROI.

How can I afford the services of a Lodging and Travel Marketing Company?
Motion & More® have developed a unique services structure that enables you to choose from a range of one off projects to a fully tailored sales & marketing service. This ensures that whatever level of budget you have, we can offer you some level of activity to either break into or launch your product.

I am already featured in tour operator brochures, so why would I want to spend additional money on the international market?
Tour operators produce expansive brochures and detailed websites. These will either be dedicated to regions or will be worldwide. Either way, they are being constantly targeted by product both in the brochure / website and product trying to secure space in the brochure / website. If you are not continuously communicating with them, offering training, visiting etc your competitor could be. The most pro-active products secure the most room nights and ultimately ensure a strong and longstanding relationship with the tour operator.

What can I expect to achieve from using the services of a Hospitality and Travel Marketing Company?
Initially you would expect to see an increase in your brand awareness within the trade which will develop over time to an increase in bednights and the desired market share.

Why choose Motion & More® as your Lodging and Travel Marketing Company?
Motion & More® has a proven track record. All of our clients enjoy a strong European and international market. This will be their number one or number two source market with a healthy presence.

We sustained their positions across the board during difficult times for the luxury lodging and travel industry and have grown their market share during buoyant times.

Products we have launched into the market or “relaunched” have secured extensive brochure and website coverage within the first target year.

All of our clients secure a strong ROI from working with Motion & More®.

We are a highly motivated and dedicated team of hospitality and travel professionals from varied backgrounds, providing the same drive and dedication that you would demand from your onsite team, but from a single, European- global based resource.

We are a well established company resulting in long standing trade and client relationships.

Motion & More® is a company that has evolved and developed in line with market demands and conditions.

We have a highly developed and targeted trade database.

Motion & More® offers a broad spectrum of services across all market sectors.

We are a small team offering a personalised service with a large enough infrastructure to ensure efficiency and cost saving.