motion & more provide customised solutions expanding hotel companies, enhancing their sales reach and potential for revenue generation.

motion draws on the expertise of professionals with global experience in the wider hotel and tourism industry. All our employees have worked with high-level teams in all aspects of; communication, high end consultancy, development, mangement, marketing, media, sales (operations), public & trade promotions, and training.

The purpose of our thinking is generally finding a decision of remedies that can affect the future. Prerequisite for thought and decision is that the decision maker has knowledge


“How do you ensure that what you know translates effectively into what you do, and- do you know that 80% of our daily information source will be generated, compiled, moved and communicated by our eyes?”

Knowledge is only power when you know how to use it. Engaging a combination of insight and brand experts, and pioneering approaches, means motion & more answer your one question of Strategy & Research and delivers the thinking that leads to clearly defined directions for brand growth. We tackle your hard question through:

  • Concept
  • Contact
  • Creativity
  • Competence

Whatever we do, we believe collaboration is key to reaching the strongest ideas – both with our clients and the broader range of specialist talent that we can access under motions roof. Together we can help ensure that strategy and insight stays at the heart of your business and drives commercial advantage.


“Reach new markets globaly and effectively through a professional sales force”

The success of a business in these days of ever‐increasing competition, greater parity and online transparency of rates, relies on its ability to reach new markets and customers and to improve the management of existing ones.

For hotel companies outside, motion & more provides a pro‐active sales arm to manage requirements in and outside the wider European markets.

We use our expertise in regional and global sales office operations to assist hotel companies find the right combination of sales and marketing services

  • We provide all advantages of a dedicated office while saving the cost and effort of establishing a new office
  • You will benefit from higher visibility in an important market and will be able to provide faster responses
  • Your hotels will be promoted among critical target audiences through a range of sales and marketing activities.