How important is GDS Integration?

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In a tough competition you are always looking for better ideas to sustain. GDS integration is one of the ideas that will lead you a better global exposure.

Hotel GDS Connect

Let’s first understand the meaning of the GDS (Global distribution system) before we can go further into the features and characteristics of GDS for hotels and its integration. GDS are actually computerized and centralized services that provide travel related services and transactions. It covers everything, from airline tickets to the hotel bookings and car rentals.

The GDS was originally started with an eye to provide the airline travellers an ease in getting tickets of airlines. This was later extended to the travel agents. However, today with the globalized system and internet GDS is available everywhere and one can easily buy multiple tickets from multiple airlines.

Running hospitality business is not easy today, knowing the guests are choosy and they have a number of options in the market to find the services they want. And then there are agents who are also demanding with the extremely volatile market. Hence this whole scenario needs to be looked at a different perspective, in all different hue. To maximize your profits and revenue with the share in the market you will need a fine tuning in the pricing and inventory allocation across various channel of the hospitality.

This could be done only with the GDS integration. The GDS integration brings the much needed support one is required to reach the masses with their product and services.

Now the most important thing which is you would like to know about GDS integration is the features and characteristics of the system.

Every time Availability: The most important thing in a hotel business is the occupancy. The earnings of the hotels mainly depend upon the occupancy of the rooms. Without real time system it is really unimaginable to fill the space as soon as it gets vacant. However, the GDS integration makes it sure that your update is made visible to the across the world in real time. The 24 x 7 facility of the hotel reservation boosts the hotel efficiency in attracting the customers.

Connectivity: One of the most important reasons to use the GDS integration is the connectivity with the different distribution channels across the system. There are some known like Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and Worldspan which are dedicated channels for hospitality which allows you to reach millions of travel agents across the globe who facilitate the bookings.

Online Reach: The most effective way to market your hotel is the internet. Since a lot of people prefer booking online it gives your hotel the kind of visibility you require to reach out more customers. The GDS integration is extensively used by the travel agents and websites for travel purposes.

Coverage: Every business relies on the expansion. It is only possible when they have gained a good reputation. In the hotel business you can gain good exposure and gain visibility when you do a proactive marketing with the travel agencies, consortia and corporate accounts. Here it is your ability to negotiate with the corporate accounts which gives you leverage.

Since GDS integration is online it provides better exposure and visibility to your hotel which allows you to have a good reach among the consumers.