The Journey

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A lifetime spent building relationships across the Continent has meant that Essence and Motion is able to open doors that are closed to most. Working with our recognized experts, in their respective fields, we are pleased to introduce a portfolio of exclusive- and unique ‘safaris’.

Safaris with Essence Hotels & Resorts and Motion & More are systemised in two distinct styles; what we call, ‘Privately Guided’ and ‘Independent Travel’.

A privately guided safari is one where your guide travels with you throughout the entire journey. This enables a complete story to be told, as your guide knows what you have already seen, what you like, and how you like to do it. They are also there to ensure that all travel details and logistical arrangements are taken care of so that you need not worry about such stuff.

Of course the quality of guiding for our independent travel safaris is just as important. The difference is that for these safaris we use the ‘in-house’ guides, who live at the camp or lodge. Consequently we only use properties where the standard of guiding is first class.

Regardless of the style, every safari with Essence Hotels & Resorts and Motion & More is custom designed with a constant and keen focus on professional guiding, attention to detail and personal service.

Because when You open Your arms to embrace our nature, You find that the You wouldn’t be the same You who arrived!